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This is a tactical game by Nintendo and for Game Boy Advance game. The game was initially published for Family Computer and it had 12 original games at that time. Later there were three remakes and two spin-offs. This is a role-playing game where players play in a grid-based map and follow a storyline. The game still has the idea of permanent death when a player is defeated in battle. This changes in Fire Emblem: New Mystery where players have the option of choosing there playing mode. In classic mode, players do not permanently die but can be brought back into the game.

The game follows the royal symbol called the Fire Emblem, which represents the power of war and dragons. Shouzou Kaga began development of the very first series before leaving to found his own company. Intelligent Systems took up development of later series. The game changer abroad was the introduction of two characters, Marth and Roy who were popular in the super smash bros. melee. This led to Nintendo releasing the blazing Sword series in Western countries in 2003. The games have performed well after initial release with many crossovers of characters in different franchises. You can download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

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How Does the Game Work?

The Fire Emblem game has 15 different titles with 12 being originals and the rest being remakes. The first game in the series was Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light, which was released in 1990. The settings for the game takes place in medieval times and the story is centered on the main protagonist who is caught up in some kind of conflict in multiple continents before having the final showdown with the boss. The continents of Valentia and Archanea have been the battleground for most of the games series. The only game that does not have the continents is Fates, which is set in the kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido. You can download the fire emblem gba rom here.

The Fire Emblem is a recurring object in the series. This magical object has five magical gems. The Emblem comes from its association with dragons and war. Other mystical objects include dragons, shapeshifters, and feuding gods. To access more awesome features download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

This tactical RPGs simulation game deploys a role-playing plot with characters. The battles take place on a grid-based system with the player controlling a set of characters through the maps while following the storyline. Each of the characters has a specific class with special abilities. Some of the characters have special skills that are unique to them. You can change the character’s class with or without special items. When you attack, heal a foe, or slay one you get to earn experience points.  When the character levels up they get new skill points, which are awarded, to the character’s attributes. This can include strength, agility and maximum health. You earn more experience points the more you use a character in battle. Download the latest Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

To control the strengths and weaknesses of weapons and spells you will need to use the Weapon Triangle. The weapons strengths have a system of operation with swords being weaker than lances Download Fire Emblem GBA ROMbut stronger than axes and axes being stronger than lances. In the world of magic, fire is weaker than thunder but stronger than wind while the wind is stronger than thunder. There is also a special category of magic called anima magic; with anima being weaker than darkness while also being stronger than light. Light is stronger than darkness. You can repair your weapons in special shops when playing Genealogy of the holy war while in the path of the radiance weapons can be purchased and upgraded.  To get more features for your game download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

You can develop character relationships within the game and this helps strengthen certain abilities. In the genealogy of the holy war, there is the aspect of a woman and man falling in love and having a child who gets to have special stats and abilities. In almost all the games there is the idea of permanent death where if a character is defeated in battle they are automatically removed from the game. The only person who remains is the main character. The casual mode was first introduced the new mystery of the emblem and this feature enables the player to re-introduce defeated characters back to the game. Fates take a different perspective with their Phoenix mode and this enables defeated characters to be revived in the next turn. In fates you can even customize your own castle and use it as your base; this done through the “My Castle” feature. To unlock more game features download the Fire Emblem GBA Rom here.

Fire Emblem Game Development

Originally, the games were never intended for commercial use and they were part of the dojin project by Shouzou Kaga. After the games turned to access, more titles were released and this led to intelligent systems taking over. Kaga the founder worked on the fire emblem titles till thracia 776 after which he left the company for PlayStation. Western interest in the game was aroused when Marth and Roy from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light were introduced into super smash bros. Oversees success of the game led to the introduction of the blazing light title. The game was almost canceled when sales started to decline forcing intelligent systems to add more features, which pulled sales back up. Download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

The first fire emblem series in Japan was highly successful with Nintendo selling up to 2 million copies. There was a dip with the introduction of Radiant dawn but awakening pushed sales back up. The series went to become a game changer by selling more than 1.79 million copies and becoming fire emblem bestseller outside Japan. Download the Fire Emblem gba rom here. In Japan, the games are very popular with a public poll naming Mystery of the Emblem as one of the Top 100 video games of all time.

Fire Emblem Awakening: Top Selling Fire Emblem series

Fire Emblem GBA ROMThis has been one of the best performing titles of the Fire Emblem series and the first to be developed for the Nintendo 3DS. The plot takes place 200 years after fire emblem garden and the original fire emblem. In the game, you will get to control an Avatar called Robin who has amnesia. The avatar joins the prince of Ylisse and helps them defeat monsters going by the name risen. Development for the game begun in 2010 and was done by Intelligent systems. Upon release of the game, it received worldwide acclaim shattering previous records held by Nintendo games. You can download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

The game allows players to customize their avatar. This includes gender, color, hair color, and voice. The game, unlike other models, has two modes to play the game. In classic mode characters, that faces defeat experience permanent death while in the casual mode you can reuse characters that have faced permanent death. However, it’s “game over” when the Chrom or Avatar dies in battle. The game has increased battle scenes with difficulty levels. You can only unlock Lunatic+ after completing lunatic mode. To customize your game settings download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

Players can transverse multiple locations across the world and go back to old locations. The game map is synched with the player’s time zones. Some of the locations in the game have different missions and side stories that the player can engage in. You can also acquire weapons in special shops. When not doing a mission the character can go to a barrack and view battle scenes between characters. The player has more than 40 characters at his disposal, which you can recruit. You can interact with players via StreetPass. This is a special feature found in Nintendo 3DS. Battles are exciting in the Awakening with players having a party of up to 10 characters. You can loan out your Avatars, defeat them in battle, or simply befriend them. This is all done through the StreetPass function. Fire Emblem: the Awakening has more features than the previous titles and this has led to its incredible success rate. Download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here for more customizable.

How Does Fire Emblem GBA ROM Work?

Download Fire Emblem GBA ROMFire Emblem Gba rom enables players to explore a world of new features not available in the game. The ROM comes with an editor that enables you to customize weapons used, levels, maps and characters. Players customize their games to make them more interesting and to unlock new features not currently available in the normal game. We offer a great platform to take your editing to the next level. You can edit the game features to closely resemble your imaginations. We have taken the time to study our customers and that is why we designed this easy to use Fire Emblem GBA ROM.

To begin the process you will need to remove the smartcard in your GBA and attach to your PC. Once you have logged to our site you will find the Fire Emblem GBA ROM download button. Click this and the file should be downloaded onto your computer. You will then need to go to the download folder in your PC and transfer the file to the GBA smartcard. Eject the Smartcard and re-install it to your GBA. The editing tools should now be available on your GBA. You change the game settings to suit your preferences. The Fire Emblem GBA ROM is easy to use and has a tutorial for beginners.

User Interface for the Fire Emblem GBA ROM

We understand the frustrations that customers face when they are using a very complex ROM. The editing tools are hard to locate and the game hangs at times. We have resolved some of these issues and our ROM offers a friendly user interface. You do not need to have learned computer programming to use our Fire Emblem GBA ROM. First-time users will find our ROM to be simple and straightforward. The editing tools in our ROM enable you to customize some of the game settings to suit your unique preferences.

Compatibility and Security

Downloads can be harmful to your computer when done from risky sites. This is because you can easily download malware and viruses. We have taken the time to ensure that the Fire Emblem GBA ROM is free of bugs and viruses. Our site uses some of the most advanced encryption software to ensure that your download is safe and secure. You can access all of your editing tools for your GBA on the Fire Emblem GBA ROM. The ROM is compatible with most computer models including Microsoft Windows and Mac computers. Our team of developers is always up to date on the latest technological developments, which ensures that our Rom is the most recent. The Fire Emblem GBA Rom helps you turn your imagination into reality.Download Fire Emblem GBA ROM

Customer Support

In order to serve our customers better, we have a support staff that is available 24/7. The staffs are on standby to answer any queries that you may have concerning the game. In case you have recommendations that you would like us to consider then you can drop your questions into our suggestion box. Our support staff is willing and ready to assist you in any way. We have taken the time to ensure that you download the very latest Fire Emblem GBA ROM.

Why Choose US?

We have taken our time in developing the Fire Emblem GBA Rom. The ROM enables players to customize the game to meet their own preferences. We have one of the best editors, which you can use to customize weapons, maps, and game levels. The ROM is recommended for your GBA and works with both Mac and Windows computers.

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