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This is a tactical game by Nintendo and for Game Boy Advance game. The game was initially published for Family Computer and it had 12 original games at that time. Later there were three remakes and two spin-offs. This is a role-playing game where players play in a grid-based map and follow a storyline. The game still has the idea of permanent death when a player is defeated in battle. This changes in Fire Emblem: New Mystery where players have the option of choosing there playing mode. In classic mode, players do not permanently die but can be brought back into the game.

The game follows the royal symbol called the Fire Emblem, which represents the power of war and dragons. Shouzou Kaga began development of the very first series before leaving to found his own company. Intelligent Systems took up development of later series. The game changer abroad was the introduction of two characters, Marth and Roy who were popular in the super smash bros. melee. This led to Nintendo releasing the blazing Sword series in Western countries in 2003. The games have performed well after initial release with many crossovers of characters in different franchises. You can download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

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