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This is a tactical game by Nintendo and for Game Boy Advance game. The game was initially published for Family Computer and it had 12 original games at that time. Later there were three remakes and two spin-offs. This is a role-playing game where players play in a grid-based map and follow a storyline. The game still has the idea of permanent death when a player is defeated in battle. This changes in Fire Emblem: New Mystery where players have the option of choosing there playing mode. In classic mode, players do not permanently die but can be brought back into the game.

The game follows the royal symbol called the Fire Emblem, which represents the power of war and dragons. Shouzou Kaga began development of the very first series before leaving to found his own company. Intelligent Systems took up development of later series. The game changer abroad was the introduction of two characters, Marth and Roy who were popular in the super smash bros. melee. This led to Nintendo releasing the blazing Sword series in Western countries in 2003. The games have performed well after initial release with many crossovers of characters in different franchises. You can download the Fire Emblem GBA ROM here.

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Fire Emblem 7 ROM

Fire Emblem 7 ROM: The Blazing Blade

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This is a rebrand to the Fire Emblem: Sword of Flame released in 2017. The game is a tactical role-playing Japanese game that is distributed by Nintendo and created by Intelligent Systems. The game was made available in Japan in 2003 and later for the North America market. The series is the seventh game for Game Boy Advance and has new characters and features. The sequel takes over from where you left off in the Fire Emblem: The Blinding blade series. Events occur after a period of twenty years. The game was well received in North America where it saw increased sales. This saw Nintendo receiving a lot of pre-orders even before the official game release. You can download the Fire Emblem 7 ROM here.

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Fire Emblem 6 ROM

Fire Emblem 6 ROM: The Binding Blade

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This is a role-playing tactical game developed by Intelligent Systems to be played on Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The game – sixth title in the Fire Emblem series – was released in March 2002. The game takes place in a fictional continent called Elibe that was once dominated by dragons but now only humans live there after wars between the two. The protagonist is Roy, who hails from a small country called Pherae. He leads an army against the forces of King Zephiel of Bern who has tried to take control of Elibe. Just like the other Fire Emblem games, the battle takes place in a grid-based map and characters endure permanent death if defeated. You can download the fire emblem 6 ROM here.

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